Concerts for the remainder of 2022

All concerts will be performed at Central Coast Grammar School Performing Arts Centre – Bookings are not yet available however the dates are confirmed. Email notices will be sent out when bookings start.

Our 2021 Concerto Competition Adjudicator’s Awardee Bayden Tham will reprise his stunning performance of Camille Saint-Saëns Cello Concerto as we take a FAST RIDE in Melbourne composer Katy Abbot’s Suave Machine. We’ll also cruise down The Moldau, enjoy some Spanish dances from Alberto Ginastera and wrap up with Arthur Honegger’s thrilling train ride Pacific 231.

‘There is depth in the searching, brooding reflections of the icy landscape under the NORDIC LIGHTS’. Sibelius’ passionate Violin Concerto is a much-loved tour de force in the orchestral repertoire and is one of the most frequently performed 20th century works. Madeleine Easton will explore its herculean intensity and emotional sensitivity. Finlandia, Sibelius’ hymn to his native country and a symphony by the Dane composer Carl Nielsen are perfect Scandinavian accompaniments.

And to wrap up the year, what better than some cosy FAIRY TALES? Told and retold though generations, these magical stories are cautionary tales where good usually conquers evil, the wicked get punished, and the righteous live happily ever after. Set to music and enhanced by our imagination, come with us on a journey with dolls, trolls, witches and princes.