Sunday 22 September 2:30pm


Virtuosic Excellence


The French Revolution saw the fall of the monarchy and the rise of a liberal democracy. The constitution, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, was created. Napolean Bonaparte  was appointed leader and First Consul of the French Republic. Beethoven began work on a mighty Eroica (heroic) symphony, dedicated to the man who he believed embodied the new democratic and anti-monarchical ideals.

But power begets power and when Napolean declared himself Emperor of the French, Beethoven was furious. “Now too, he will tread under foot the rights of Man, indulge only his ambition; now he will think himself superior to all men, become a tyrant!” (plus ça change…) He scratched out Napoleon’s name on the symphony’s first page, adding “to celebrate the memory of a great man.”

The concerto, a work for solo performer and orchestra, demands a mastery of technical, analytical, aural and inter-personal skills. Local musician Kaito Deed, winner of the Aujudicator’s and People’s Awards at the 2023 Prodigies concert, will perform Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, which was initially met with mixed reviews but has since become a favourite among soloists and audiences. With lyric, folk-like melodies, a heroic cadenza, and a lively dance to conclude, this work is spirited and joyous, with bags of character.

2:30pm | 22 September 2024 | Central Coast Grammar School Performing Arts Centre 

Sunday 1 December 2:30pm


Happy Holidays!


Japan is famous for its animated movies, or anime, but the films from Studio Ghibli are in a league of their own. Spirited Away (2001) won the best animated feature award at the 2003 Academy Awards and pretty much encapsulates the entire Ghibli ethos. A stunningly-realised tale of a 10-year-old girl, Chihiro, who is travelling with her parents to her new home. When her father takes a shortcut, Chihiro ends up lost and alone in the spirit world, and has to navigate a dreamlike landscape, populated by increasingly grotesque characters, to save her parents. We’ll also be performing the music from My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle. 

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers. Gromit finds himself being pushed out of his room and home by a devious new lodger, Feathers McGraw. A ruthless criminal (and a penguin cunningly disguised as a chicken), he’s planning a robbery and needs to use Wallace and his mechanical remote-controlled trousers to pull off the raid. However, Gromit is wise to the penguin and comes to the rescue. Will he be able to stop the feathered fiend?

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas. Shaun’s Christmas excitement turns to dismay when a plan to get bigger stocking for the flock leads to Timmy going missing. Can Shaun get Timmy back before he becomes someone else’s present? Prepare for a ‘Santastic’ adventure suitable for all ages, as everyone learns the true value of Christmas.Wallace, Gromit and Shaun, on the big screen. Plus some Christmas music to welcome the holiday season.

Book now to share this laugh-out-loud show with all the family. Available for one performance only, ewe don’t want to miss it. 

2:30pm | 1 December 2024 | Central Coast Grammar School Performing Arts Centre

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