2021 Subscription Packages – COMING SOON

Why subscribe?

  • Save 25% on concert tickets. This discount applies to all tickets including Concession and Child
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits. Subscribers receive complimentary concert programs and invitations to the Post Concert Reception at the end of the concert to mingle with the soloists, conductor and the musicians.
  • Become a part of the SCC family. By subscribing you are helping this unique organisation to continue to provide high quality symphonic music to the Central Coast. Special additional benefits and functions will be offered from time to time.

The SCC is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on the tireless (and voluntary) efforts of many individual amateur, semi-professional and professional musicians and other interested members of the public combined with philanthropy and a small amount of assistance from government bodies to continue providing live music on the Central Coast.

The cost of staging performances, including all overheads requires substantial investment in technology, personnel and infrastructure on an on-going basis. By subscribing you are helping us in covering these costs.

What types of subscriptions are available?

As well as a Standard Subscription for all the four concerts staged over the year you can also purchase a Flexi Subscription where you can pick any three of the concerts if for some reason you can’t attend a concert. The same 25% discount and benefits apply.


When are subscriptions available?

Subscription sales start when the program for the following year is finalised. This is normally around the middle of November and so you have up until the first concert in April to take advantage of the Standard Subscription.

If you are on our database, you will receive an email advice that subscriptions are now available. If not, then watch the website or better sign up to receive emails by contacting us here.

With a Flexi Subscription you can still enjoy the 25% discount and benefits up until the mid-year concert at the end of June.


How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe using the same Seat Advisor web service as for normal bookings. The option for subscription bookings will be available during the period noted above.